Process Vessels in Pharmaceutical


G. T. Metals & Tubes is a leading process vessel manufacturer and supplier for the pharmaceutical industry. Process vessels are primary equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing industries; they serve as containers for the storage, preparation, and processing of various products. We have expertise and experience in designing and developing a wide range of process vessels that have wide applications not only in the pharmaceutical industries but also in the biotech, food, dairy, and chemical industries. All the solutions offered are manufactured using exceptional quality stainless steel materials. The years of experience and skilled professionals have helped us to be a renowned name offering comprehensive solutions for pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, chemical, biotech industries, etc.


The structure of this pressure vessel meets the WHO, MHRA, and USFDA regulations and ISPE, cGMP, and many other regulatory bodies’ guidelines. In addition, this solution is versatile and be easily connected with process instrumentation, equipment, and utilities. This range of vessels has various applications, which include Buffer tanks, Hold tanks, Reaction vessels, Storage tanks for purified water & water for injection, and Agitated pressure vessels in various applications. Further, you can discuss with our innovative team of engineers to make a process vessel that perfectly suits your industry’s application and facility. We strive to cater to all your industrial requirements with our wide range of products of various sizes, shapes, and specifications. Moreover, we will help you get the best solution made with high-quality materials for your facility.

Features of Pharmaceutical Process Vessels :

  1. Comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards
  2. Compatible with pharmaceutical products and resistance to corrosion
  3. Auto heating and cooling arrangements
  4. Electropolished vessels with interconnecting piping valves
  5. Ergonomically designed support equipment
  6. Space saving
  7. Available in both automatic and semi-automatic
  8. Smooth surface, sloped bottoms, and easy-to-clean structure
  9. Advanced and precise temperature and pressure control
  10. Completely versatile and paired with zero dead leg valves, pendants, instruments
  11. Can be customized easily to fit various processes
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