We offer our clients with extensive range of copper flats. These copper flats are useful for shielding of cables, tubing ground straps, protective braid over hoses and many other applications. Our range of industrial copper flat is manufactured from premium quality materials according to the international standards as per clients’ specific requirements.

Technical specifications


Used to change the direction of the pipe and have a close radius to fit in the tightest possible space. The most commonly used elbows are 90 and 45 radius elbow. Many other varieties are available for specific requirements.

U Bends

Used to accommodate the return flow of the coolant and provides a 180 turn in a much smaller space. We manufacture both expanded as well as plain u-bends for condensers and evaporators.


Used to connect two identical size tubes together. The coupling used to connect two pipes of different diameter is called a reducing coupling.


Tee is a fitting in the shape of a 'T' where the top of it is the continuous pipe run and the vertical section is a branch connected to it. This shape of fittings offers the most varieties than any other type.

It may be a reducing Tee when one end of the section is of smaller diameter that means unlike a standard Tee the reducing Tee do not have equally sized parts.

It may be a cross Tee when it is used to connect four tubes or a threaded Tee when the vertical section of it has female threads.

»»» G T Metal offers you a complete line of copper fittings for plumbing available in sizes 15mm, 22mm, 35mm, and 42mm.