Righton offer round, flat, square & hexgon brass bar from stock for next day delivery in a wide range of sizes and grades including CZ121, CZ112, CZ114 & CZ131. Contact your local Righton Serice Centre for further details. Round Bar:Imperial Sizes: Available from 1/8" up to 10"

Grades: CW614N (CZ121), CW606N (CZ131), CW602N (CZ132), CW721R (CZ114) & CW712R (CZ112)

Metric Sizes: Available from 3mm up to 200mm

Grades: CW614N (CZ121) & CW606N (CZ131)

Flat Bar:

» Available from 1/4" x 1/8" up to 6" x 1"

» Grade: CW614N (CZ121)M

Lengths: 12ft

Square Bar:

» Available from 1/8" up to 4" square

» Grade: CW614N (CZ121)

Hexagon Bar:

» Available frm 3/16" A/F up to 3.150" A/F

» Grades: CW614N (CZ121), CW712R (CZ112), CW721R (CZ114)

Lengths supplied:

» 3/32" - 3 3/4" - 10ft lengths

» 4" - 8" - 2m lengths approximately

» For complete details of our range, you can download a single stock range or a Righton brochure fom our main copper produt page.